It’s odd, isn’t it.


Of all the things I love, the thing I love the most is a simple story told in provocative ways.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty does a great job of telling a story about that odd thing that I am sure most can relate to; you need to rip open your heart to galaxies far away, unknown lands shrouded in uncertainty and strange horizons just beyond the reach of the fingertips before you can completely shut down the brain and build up the courage to connect with the person sitting RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. It’s a strange thing isn’t it?

As Science would say, an average 75 kg person (about 165 pounds), has lurking in his or her genes — or more specifically, in his or her atoms — an amount of energy equivalent to about 1.6 gigatons of TNT, some 28 times greater than the largest nuclear bomb ever exploded. This is true because 1) we do not question science 2) because we don’t know how to and 3) unless if you are a scientist, for which if you are, then you should stop reading this, because the amount of romanticism in this blog will make you a believer (or not).

This means that each individual possess almost infinite energy for inspiration and adventure, which on the flip-side also means that we are suitably weaponized to completely destroy one another. We just can’t help being jerks sometimes, it’s wired in our DNA (DNA, another thing we do not question).

Don’t have the guts to chat up that cute guy in the bar? That’s just because he could very well blow up in a giant mushroom cloud of doom.

Kinda explains everything doesn’t it? Talk about telling a simple story in a provocative way. Now you need to start working on that trip to Afghanistan before you end up old and alone….


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