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The rate at which our pace of life is getting faster is astounding… in the past, people don’t have time to read books, so they turn to blogs. Now, most don’t even have the endurance to last a full blog article, so they turn to Instagram. As technology progresses, the list of things that one can do with a limited amount of time stretches, while our patience, along with our sources of inspiration diminishes.

And so we go on with our lives without putting much thought into how we actually want to live it. In other words, we go with the flow. Sounds like a cool thing to do, but sooner or later, you’ll realize that you’re stuck with a pile of clothes you don’t wear, a job you don’t like, or worse, a husband you don’t love.

The flow provides company and security; it takes you places, but it doesn’t take you to the end.

Sometimes, it’s ok to slow down a little, even if it means that you get left behind. Take your time, figure out who are your friends or enemies, define what is acceptable and what is not and generally, slow down and ponder about what you want and what you truly deserve.

Stop obsessing about what others have and let that determine what are your priorities in life. Instead of walking around in a circle like a drone, stretch that band and dance in an elliptical pattern. The next time you have the urge to spend the last few minutes of your weekend reading someone else’s facebook feed, try reading yourself.  It can be terrifying and it takes a long time to get it right, so..

don’t rush it.


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