5 songs to tug in bed to.


What do you usually do before you sleep? For me, I’ll have a glass of milk or browse through thought catalog (I like thought catalog because it reassures me that I am not a loser, just too hipster for my own good).

Another good way to end the day is together with music. What best to heal the failures of the day and drive the victories of tomorrow with a thoughtful melody? How important is it to have the perfect playlist for bedtime you ask me. Well, it’s not very important at all..but it’s definitely way more important than that pile of freshly laundered clothes waiting for me to iron. So there you go, I present 5 best songs to fall asleep to (while skillfully avoiding obvious choices like bon iver or grizzly bear.)

1. Cello Song – The books featuring Jose Gonzalez

2. Fox in the Snow – Belle and Sebastian

3. The Riptide – Beirut

4. Afterlife – Arcade Fire

5. Tight Pants – Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell
Because I find the perfect way to end the day is just to say to everything: “What The fuck! I’m awesome man!!”


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