ArGOFUCKYOURSELF …(because I am into cheap thrills like this)

this supporting cast has the best style. 

“Never mind that the film is almost completely untrue despite being based on a true story. Never mind that the ending is so highly sensationalized, the cast of Jersey Shore would fit right in. Never mind that as an actor Ben Affleck is nothing more than a handsome robot. As a director, he approaches film-making like a politician, placing the audience above all, mobilizing their reactions and manipulating their opinions. It has been a while since I’ve pumped my fists outside the dance floor.  I like how his projects are escalating in terms of drama but never fails to maintain the unpolished charms of the underdog. And just because he’s done some really bad things in his life (i.e. Gigli), people are still waiting for him to fail. It’s so much more interesting that way because you’ve become invested in either his success or failure (at least for me).

The conclusion:
I believe in second chances. I believe in Ben Affleck.”

And I added open and closed inverted commas because attaching quotation marks to anything makes it sound more credible.


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