Romance loves comedy

I am a hermit by choice (I say by choice because there is this thing called pride which I have totally no control over). Most days I do not feel like interacting with anyone. Awkward laughter is my mother tongue. I do not like to do mainstream stuff like watching How I Met Your Mother (for fuck’s sake stop asking people to “wait-for-it”, it’s not that funny), learning the gangnam style or downloading the new ios for my iphone, which sometimes means I have nothing to discuss with people. And most of the time, I am completely fine with that.

Recently I’ve been more drawn to romantic comedies. They have this certain power; after watching one, I always have the urge to engage in some group activities, be it line-dancing, public transport taking, voting for Obama or loving Raymond (because everybody loves raymond). I want to hold someone’s hand and play musical chairs and crash in the thrill of not being the one who got kicked out. Romantic movies make me crave for that rare success in public relations.

So to summarize, I love romantic comedies and I know a good one when I see one.


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