Conquer the cosmos

(Because many people do not realize, but in terms of romance movies, Eternal Sunshine can totally knock out 500 days. It’s not even a match.)

I can’t seem to write happy posts these days. That’s not to say I’m depressed, I just think it is more interesting to be disturbed (but only slightly). I also learnt that the best way to angst is to think about the universe and its unreachable depths, so I try not to think about the universe so much these days.

The best and worst thing about being human is our ability to chase either joy or sorrow until it reaches a dead end. Most people lead very normal lives, and in the normalcy of all the small things, we live in constant fear of realizing our limitless capacity to feel. For me, music is the trigger of that irrational fear I have. When I first heard St Vincent’s “Champagne Year”, it made me feel like such a small being in an infinite universe. For a moment I was lost in space, battling the great unknown.

What is the universe to you? I think it is the void created by our endless need to feel, the place where unspoken words, the gossamer of youthful dreams or repressed memories go to die; its boundless space offers room for our emotions to stretch like a super elastic rubber band and the only way to fill the void is to keep on stretching, keep on feeling. Without it, perhaps The English Patient or The Great Gatsby would probably have never been written.  The galaxy and emo people, well I guess that’s a chicken and egg situation we have here.

The interesting thing is, music is both the trigger and the sedative. The list of songs below are those that make us realize the vastness and omnipresent power of the space we live in but are crafted with the kind of beautiful, delicate warmth that revives the lost and the tired.

So what I am saying is, listen to what the music is trying to tell you. As terrifying as it is, don’t be afraid to fill your heart to the brim and always have courage to conquer the romance of the universe.

Because if you fail eventually, there is nothing that ice-cream, beer or Justin Bieber Ryan Gosling can’t cure.


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