of Beef and Bacon

This is a very psychedelic picture meant to confuse you. 

A few thoughts that I needed to jot down before they disappear forever…:

1) Gas-lighting:

I only recently came to know this term and examples of its common application. Is there someone in your life who does totally messed up stuff like standing you up or arriving unbelievably late for an appointment only to tell you to relax and not take things so seriously (with no hint of a decent apology)?  So what, now they are called gas-lighters?

Cause I thought previously they were just known as assholes. 🙂

2) Growing up:

I had some free time recently, and since I am turning the big 3-0 really soon, I decided that it is important to be able to define (a least for myself) what it means to be a grown up. I have summarized my findings in the below 6 points:

Growing up is:

a)  To learn that the best way to treat your enemies is to treat them like your best friends.
In other words, it is best not to have any enemies at all. 

b) To hold dear the things you already have rather than the things you don’t.

c) To learn to set smaller goals for yourself.
My goal five years ago: To be my own boss
My goal for today: To not let my dog be the boss of me. To scratch my dog’s stomach and still have all 12 fingers intact. 

d) To believe there is a gift to be received.
Life is like unwrapping a really heavily wrapped present. Sometimes, you get depressed because no matter how much you unwrap, you don’t reach the present. Sometimes it gives you an adrenaline rush to think that maybe after the next layer, you are almost there. Sometimes you’re not interested in the present at all and just want to keep unwrapping layer after layer, doing the same thing over and over again. (I am currently at this stage)

Goodness, there is so much unwrapping to be done … I’d say it is too unpleasant and a fucking waste of time to live life thinking that there is nothing in the box after all. 

e) To realize that your weaknesses are actually your strengths.
Sometimes I think its silly of me to not make use of other people to achieve my own goals and why is it that so many people out there can do it. But then I realized being too honest for my own good is actually for my own good….Don’t know how much sense that makes but it is not so bad after all. And also, I learnt that hard work does pay off. In mysterious ways…

f) To learn that you have to spend money to have a new IC made with a more wrinkly picture of yourself. DAMN IT!

3) OPPA:
Korean men are PERFECT. I have been led to believe that all of them have some sort of irresistible complex or another (Oedipus, small spaces, public speaking, fish, poop, fish poop etc), are either son, relative or long-lost-illegitimate-revenge-seeking-son of one chaebol or another, have the most perfectly masculine mugs and will pay for your alcohol when you are in Hongdae. Maybe their dicks are so small you can hardly even see them.

God is fair. 🙂


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