Oppa in the dark

Apparently, if you are in Hongdae on a party night and you are a girl, you don’t have to pay for no drinks. In fact, you don’t have to pay for anything at all… I think that this rumour is GREAT. It gives me hope when I’ll actually be in Seoul next month.

So, in honour of this wonderful phenomenon that only happens in Seoul, I’ve written a short rap about the legendary oppas in Hongdae:

Oppa in the dark:

It’s night in the city and the girls want to party
But the girls got no money to pay for the funky
So they head over to hongdae
Because the oppas will pay.

The oppas will pay…

So they go find a spot
And pump dance till they drop
They dance for the oppa
Who lurks in the dark

Op.op.op.op.oppa in the dark
Comes out and buys the girls whiskey and cognac

Op.op.op.op.oppa in dark
Will help u pay for everything
If you’re delicious and in luck

Pump dAnce in the dark…
Pump dance in the dark…

Op.op.op.op.oppA in the dark
At night the oppa in the club, at day the ajusshi in the park

Op.op.op.op.oppa in the dark~

(we’re going to be shooting the video for the song in Hongdae for real next month, so anyone who’s interested to contribute for the music or the bass, please hop in fast.Or else its just going to be accapella, Hongdae-style~)


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