Sunday nights are irrelevant to a life of meaning. One day, I am going to start a website to insult Sunday nights the way Xiaxue insults her haters. At least nobody gets hurt except Sunday nights, whom (if he is indeed a person and has a groin) I would really wanna punch in the groin with spike-ring-wearing-knuckles. Ones that shoot acid when in contact with human groin (the ring, not the knuckles).

Anyway, on those particular Sunday nights that I feel a sense of anger so overwhelming that I could slap a kid, I force myself to look at harmless things. It is times like these that I just want to listen to a good-looking guy wearing ridiculous clothes sing an uncomplicated ballad about how it is totally ok to cry like a girl even if you are a guy. Not weak or gay or whatever.

It is also in stressful times like these that I am susceptible to believe that something as simple and as naive as “だから,泣いていいんだ。恥ずかしい事じゃない。明日がある人しか出来ないことだから。(Therefore, it’s ok to cry. That’s not an embarrassing thing. Its something that only people who have tomorrow to look forward to can do.)” can be true. After that, I start thinking that the world can be such a wonderful place filled with good looking guys whom I can definitely win against in a game of half nelson. And then I totally forget about shooting acid at Sunday nights’s groin.

I’m glad that there are always stuff like that to feed my weird psychosis.

The point is, I just wanna say that どこにもある唄 is quite a fantastic song. So anyway, this post is NOT about being an indie. AT ALL….




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