Bildungsroman for the modern girl


I always felt that there was something empowering about menswear for women. It has this incredible coming-of-age look as the women embraces both the girlish and boyish persona within herself and establishes it as part of her personal signature through the clothes she dresses herself with. Doing the look right doesn’t mean going all out and donning only menswear pieces but achieving the right mix of masculinity with a girlish humour (i.e. brightly coloured skirts, coquettish heels or an artfully placed bow) sharpened by a sense of world weary wisdom (i.e. a loose ponytail, blurry specs or a well-worn leather bag).



ImageJapanese high street label Plumpynuts is absolutely on point when it comes to achieving the right mix. The brand is currently not available in Singapore, but I am already inspired to mixing up a storm just by flipping through their AW2012 lookbook. Like the name of the brand, the clothes are a bit of a “hit-and-run”, well-styled pieces with an uncomplicated “POP!” detail or two that makes sure that the wearer leaves an impression on the passerby as she walks swiftly through a busy street (isn’t that every fashionista’s dream?).

What about you? Are you inspired to mixing up your own fashion signature?


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