Based on real life.

The queen of the street is tired. Or at least that’s what I gather from her new album “Master of My Make Believe“.

Santigold’s latest material sees her taking a smoke, pondering some of life’s mysteries in the quiet that comes after the applause. Songs like “Disparate Youth” and “The Riot’s Gone” burn a dark, weary fire that is totally different from her previous beat-obsessed, strutting-in-the-big-city kinda vibe. Yet, there is a tough fighting spirit thats holding her song writing together; the album tells the universal story of how we were all born to be defeated by the world, but that doesn’t make any battle less worth fighting for.

Those who find success are those who dance alone; a big theme in the album is the debilitating aftermath of success. However, a pivotal moment comes in the form of “God from the machine”, a song that inspires the still into motion with an incessant chanting of how the road to making your dreams come true can be a hard, alienating but rewarding journey.

“You can make it alone if you try. Till the beat comes home I know you’ll sing it.”

Though the album is probably a fraction of the greatness she used to be, Santigold is still shining with a different kind of glory, a low burning passion that is not enough to spread like wildfire, but is sufficient to light up the dark.


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