One Plus One

Amanda Jane Jones is a freelance graphic designer based in Michigan, and she has started the cutest project called “My Better Half”, a series of photos of emerging artists and their significant other. Besides the photos themselves, the couples also share bright and energetic re-tellings of how they first met.

Of all the couples, I adore Rachel and Adam the most..their story is so impossibly cute. I realized that love is so much better when reminisced in short stories. So often the retelling of how one first met their better half is narrowed down to a single bright spark like a telling glance or a flirty wink or two. These are stories of love at first sight, which, although could be completely untrue, makes for very romantic reading. All it takes for a wonderful love story is a better half and a fuzzy memory, I think. Even though I don’t really believe in such things, I am hopeful for that ambiguous chance encounter. A bit silly, I know, but I prefer to love like a silly person, as with all the other couples featured in this series.

Read more about Rachel and Adam and view the rest of the photos here!


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