A few months ago, I received an email notifying me that the Morning Benders are now known as POP ETC. 

The first thing I thought was, that’s a pretty unclear definition of your music. They got into a little bit of trouble and probably offended some with their old name, so that’s probably why they’ve decided to change it to something so vague, it couldn’t possibly harm no one.

Though I wouldn’t argue with their intentions, whatever that may be, for a band, the name is everything. It gives a clear definition of your music and creates a powerful brand that draws listeners to you even before the music can. For example:

1) Mystery Jets: youthful folks playing exuberant music, fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, such as sex, drugs and the little bit rock and roll that comes along with it.

2) Owen Pallet: Leeks, projects and ‘I’m the only gay in Aberfynn-Weldy.’

3) POP ETC: a few old geezers playing music from “Rick Dees and the weekly Top 40”.

That was only until another few weeks ago when the same folks sent me a mixtape of some of their new songs+other things. I’m happy to say that the mixtape was a complete game changer; I really like the new outfit that those fellows have on; its like a really shiny get-up that moves about in the dark, catch a few glimpses of its glory in the shadows and I’m sure you’ll be hooked like me.

I think I kinda know what’s with the “ETC” in the name. Because magic is better left unexplained.

Download the mixtape here.


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