Fuji Fabric : The Beat of A New Generation

Moteki (or Love Strikes) is a film about 31 year old Yukiyo Fujimoto who blogs for a living and spends most of his time fishing around for true love on twitter. He experiences Moteki, a period whereby he suddenly becomes very popular among the ladies and in the process exposes the best and worst parts of his personality. The movie is a cleverly disguised parable of an entire generation; Yukiyo, the protagonist, is a glowing archetype of a typical young person, indecisive, unable to express his emotions directly, prone to hubris and an enlarged sense of self.  It is a story about an entire generation of youngsters tumbling and fumbling about in a web of romantic thoughts that were transmitted but never received. Never was there a generation who wanted as badly to make a mark and is as unwilling to do anything about it.

Desire + unwillingness to move your arse = LOTS OF MUSIC

We were all but confused human beings tangled in a graceless mathematical proof. And music was just the other side of the equation.

In that aspect, Fuji-Fabric is the ideal soundtrack for the movie; or for our entire generation for that matter. Loud, simple and exuberant, we ride on its agile pace to escape from the gaping emptiness that’s chasing behind at us, we indulge ourselves in its throbbing rhythm to drown our sorrows and we surf on its thriving beats to just, move on in life.

Like it or not, this is the beat of the new generation. Judging by the way things are going, at least there’s gonna be comfort in the fact that we’ll probably be just slightly better than the next.


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