Are you Mr Oliberte?

Most people believe in “if the shoes fit“. I, for one, prefer to think that there are always bigger shoes to fill. A good shoe adds rhythm to your strut and wearing the perfect shoe is like having a really good theme song for yourself. A good shoe not only defines you, but also gives you the arsenal to be who you want to be, makes you a bigger person etc.

Oliberte is the first premium shoe company made in Africa. The shoes are a divine translation of the beautiful craftsmanship of Africa into classy boots with a natural, rugged and feel-good appeal. The brand calls itself a revolution that supports epic issues like giving dignity back to Africa and looks all set to have a full and rich legacy from here on out. To know more about their story, here’s a video where the founder says it all:

I, myself, am pretty fond of the Adibo boot; the subtle cuts are a fine celebration of the wearer’s individuality without all the flashy confetti bits (that ALWAYS gets into your eyes…). A well tailored boot like this is so much better than a facebook profile; for example, the Adibo tells me that the wearer is someone who is well travelled, whose favourite book is perhaps On The Road, who treats everyone with an open mind and without judgment. Classy. So I say, don’t find a shoe that fits you, find a shoe that allows you to become who you want to be.

The Adibo Boot

Oliberte’s ultimate mission is to empower the people of Africa by giving them jobs and security, and by wearing these creations, you’ll be empowered to make your dreams come true, or shall I say, make yourself come through.

Oliberte shoes are now available at Threadbare and Squirrel at 660 North Bridge Road, Bali Lane. You can visit their facebook pages here and here.


2 thoughts on “Are you Mr Oliberte?

  1. “There are always bigger shoes to fill”… not when you are already a size 9 and the shoe shop tells you that their largest size is 8 and give you that weird look that says “why are your feet so freakin’ big”… BLEAHHHHHHHH….

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