I wanna hang out with you too!

A few years ago, Balmain brought back denim with a big cosmic bang, blazing a fiery warpath through major labels who were completely blindsided. But those were the glory days; the violent denim trend was soon overtaken by seasons after seasons of crazy motifs (Miu Miu and Prada), colour block minimalism (Celine and Jil Sander) and lady-like lace (Louis Vuitton).

Current/Elliot is a denim brand based in the US. Borne out of an unconditional love for the American classic and celebrated by fashionistas worldwide for it’s multiple interpretations of denim in understated cuts, the brand’s new Spring/Summer 2012 collection is like a soft, sweet tap on the shoulder to remind you that, despite us brushing it off for quite some time now, denim is still around and it still wants to hang out.

With a steady stream of polka dotted, pastel coloured and floral patterned jeans, it seems like denim is trying to camouflage itself with the latest trends and sneak back into the fashion landscape.



I love how the brand has completely stripped denim off its raw and edgy reputation and given it a softer and more relaxed aesthetic. It totally brings the material back to it’s roots; denim should always be worn for comfort. Who else is sick of jeans that are just too tight and too high waisted? (trust me, wearing skinny jeans does not make you skinny and high waisted pants that may look nice but takes 7 years to undo in the loo is not worth your moolah).

I know I am.


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