The Twelve Days of Christmas – 3. Interview with the vampire

One of the reasons I’m glad to be a kid in the 90’s is because, kids our generation are just generally better informed about vampires. Interview with the Vampire is hands-down the best vampire movie of all time. Pallid faces flushed by rich fabrics and 17th century victorian garb melting into one other to form a fantastically dark and  twisted fantasy? Anytime, dude.

It is probably the only movie where Tom Cruise is not wildly irritating, Brad Pitt not smug and Kirsten Dunst’s boobs not sagging (ok that was bad…). Plus it was the era before vampires started to sparkle. To give another comparison, Interview is Pink Floyd while Twilight is Justin Bieber. Well, yah, Twilight is for babies.

Aww… those were the good times.


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