Decided to post a nice, generally harmless picture of a decent crepe cause I realized I have been writing too much nonsense lately….Hello readers, meet “Mixed Berry Crepe”-chan from Harajuku. “Mixed Berry Crepe”-chan, please say hello to JAY, PENELOPE, RODRIGO, PHILIP, ZACHARY!

I like posting on my blog because it makes me feel like I’m Zooey Deschanel in the above scenario, but then again, my band would be more “Detachment from Reality” than “Muncausen by Proxy

Okay, on to other more important things. Recently I got chided by a colleague for always getting a little too excited when I talk about good looking guys. But seriously, WHO THE HELL DOES NOT ENJOY OGLING AT GOODOH ROOKINGU PEOPLE?! For example, I stood in front of this Kimura Takuya poster at Shibuya station for a full half an hour (though I have to admit that is a little weird even for Japanese standards, and my friend even attempted to put a well-meaning index finger beneath my nose just to check if I was breathing), but I came out of this episode feeling like I finally understood the meaning of life.

Okay, the point I wanted to make is, er, having an interest in good looking people does not equate a lack of interest in ugly looking people and hence does not make you a shallow person. Having an inexplicable interest in ugly people does not make you a particularly profound person either.

So, yah, that is all.

I wanted to say today.

Want crepe tomorrow.


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