A declaration for all mankind

I did not interview Justice. I just thought this picture is kinda nice in a slightly homosexual way.

According to the Mayan calendar, 2012 marks the end of the world. Other than signifying the doom of all mankind, it also, more importantly, spells out an irresistible opportunity for music marketers to take advantage of. So in line with the recent theme to focus on the really big, ginormous issues of life and the universe, this will be a short discussion on 2 albums where the backbone is apparently the impending apocalypse.

Audio, Video, Disco

The questions here are obvious; faced with our collective destruction, how are the more talented, good looking and skinny-jean wearing people among us gonna react? By producing bravely constructed albums that are not afraid of shouldering the weight of the world, of course.  Audio, Video, Disco is Justice challenging the elements; the ominous hammering in Horsepower a welcoming overture for the 4 horsemen and the religious organs an attempt at slighting the gods. The album demonstrates the raw power of music as the sole savior; a bold declaration of victory against of end of the world from the electro virtuosos.


Daihakken from 東京事変 on the other hand, is built less on hubris and more on careful exploration of the actual process itself. Having just survived a devastating disaster, the band poses some life-affirming options while aiming to provide a hopeful answer to the issue. How would the world end exactly? Would it end media-friendly, swiftly and suddenly and with a big BANG!, in high definition and surround sound?

Or is it happening quietly, slowly and like a really good episode of The Office, over before you even know it?

It is after this that the two albums converge and end on the same note, presenting the third option, the happy ending:

The end of a civilization marks the beginning of another; where everyone is a cheerleader and your laundry somehow spins and cleans itself. Well heck, if you’d ask me how I would like the world to end, of course I’ll choose the happy ending too. Ditto.

(p.s. I am pretty sure I used “Ditto” in the correct context and boy what a context I have).


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