Movie sucked… but it did have nice stills that you can decorate your blog with.

I didn’t buy it. Not one bit.

This just makes people think that smart girls are willing to embitter themselves with twisted relationships like these when the really smart ones out there know better than to waste their time on free-thinking douchebags.

And it’s so overwrought with cliches… from the smart girl glasses to the butch hairstyle to the twisted limbs at the end….BLEAH! to that.

The book is at least bearable.. I think you can only be so romantic in real life…or even in movies. Romance is only infinite when it comes to the written word, be in poems, haikus or novellas….But when movies try to be like this … it’s just unacceptable and kinda silly.

On an ending note, I still prefer Japanese  dramas.. at least they know better not take themselves too seriously. (i.e. every time something over sappy happens… BAM!! comes the theme song like the opening of a gay pride parade. Still hilarious to me.)


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