An American (I mean, Canadian) Horror Story

It’s never an easy task to review a Feist album; her songs strike so close to the heart that every time I review them, it feels like I’m giving away a little too much about myself. And that is not romantic, it’s mostly embarrassing to say the least.

So as much as I loved her music, I do like what most good adults do; I restrain myself. A little bit of self restraint can go a long way, just like how if someone caught you humming to the tune of “Copacabana” as if nobody’s listening (Apparently, I do that alot), they’re not gonna take you seriously for a long time. And I mean a LONG time….

Metals on the other hand, isn’t so much of a sweet endeavour than a startling jolt to reality. In the album, Feist sings and writes about modern horrors like regret, unyielding grudges or the poisonous and blindsiding transition from love to hate, her voice like molten metal flowing through the cracks of the heart, searing and burning like salt to the wound. A Commotion! is Feist performing an exorcism on those whom reality had dismissed; it hits hard to banish all those airy fairy fantasies of happy endings, requited love, yadah yadah and yadah.

It’s harsh and unsettling in a way that is like watching a scary movie … and than not so much.

In the end, Metals is not without its good intentions. The album is a lovingly written ballad for all the lost, wandering souls of the universe, an anchor for those who took flight and were never able to land. The destination is where the circle married the line,  a horizon line where the sun sets with a promise of a new tomorrow.

So it the end, its still very much the Feist we know. When the metal hardens, it’s gonna end up holding the cracks together.

Seriously, who the hell is Adele?!


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