while back, I decided to take some time off blogging to settle some personal stuff… just felt that I needed to rearrange my priorities a little. I think such things are kinda mandatory for successful/continued living, don’t you think so too?

Anyway, I don’t think I have achieved closure on the issue… I miss my blog so much.. but I doubt I’ll be coming back soon. Writing for me is like striking a match in a dark room. But for now I just feel like I need to get used to being in the dark for a while.. squirm my eyes and just take a deeper look at how things look like without light. (Am striking this out cuz a friend said it was lame and I totally concur.)

Ja Ne~

(P.S. I love Miles Kane. It’s bit a while since I last declared undying love for a young, raspy British bloke. Gonna chase that feeling~~~)


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