You’re cordially invited to my wedding…

In my social circles, two issues have dominated our interactions, more so as of late: The Royal Wedding and the General Elections. I for one, would like to concentrate on the more pressing issue, the one that will have more immediate as well as long term consequences : The Royal Wedding.

Or more specifically, what I want to talk about here is how the Royal Wedding has made me think alot about my own wedding (a.k.a  Folks, I really want to talk about my dream wedding here, and it has nothing to do with the Royal Wedding actually. ) Here’s a list I made about the things I would really want to happen during my own wedding:

1) My wedding will be held at an aquarium.

2) I want a bridal shower with my friends, and even though I am not an anti-establishment kind of person, I DO NOT want a penis cake.

3) My invitation will be written in Haiku. Something along the lines of:

Come to my wedding 
     If you don’t, 
     Then prepare yourself, you’ll die.  


     You are invited,
To the Royal Wedding. NOT!
Yo dude, seriously…… 

4) I will be wearing a short dress, with a white Top Hat

5) There will be a rabbit hiding in the top hat for magic trick purposes.

6) The groom will be dressed like Mak -Gor, from a Better Tomorrow.

7) Santa Claus will be there (no, I’m not trying to steal the thunder from Jesus, it’s just fun to make the wedding like a fantastic Christmas PAH-TEH)

8) We’ll march in to the tune of “The Imperial March” from Star Wars.

9) The Priest will talk with a lot of heavy breathing in between. And we exchange our vows in star trek language.

10) Frodo gives us our ring.

Yah thats about it. But at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want your wedding to be as fantastic as the above. You wouldn’t wish onto yourself a proposal as great as the one below either.

Because it’ll only go down from there onwards, won’t it.

Next time I’d rather spend more time watching Jersey Shore.


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