Two O One O

I tried to make sense of what 2010 meant to me and realized that when you ponder about life like this, generally, you won’t get easy answers. In 2010, there was a lot of blowing dust into the air, it’s mischievous, it chokes you with excitement, but then it’s really nothing more than a fancy, playful smokescreen; it obscures your vision of the truth and once it clears away, you’ll realize that there’s really nothing there.

Since we’ve arrived at the paradise of useless analogies, here’s another one. 2010 felt like a party where I was the only one invited. I kept waiting for more people to hop on board; I drank and danced to my own music and had fun while it lasted. When the party ended, I learnt to clean up after myself and move on.

It’s a vague, vague year.

But with 2011, I see alot more throwing caution to the wind, I can smell a tempest coming, and I can almost hear the opening act to a roaring adventure ahead. I’m a little nervous, but this time round, I think the excitement won’t be futile.

Anyway, as a belated celebration, below is a collection of some of the best things I’d thought I’ve written in the past year, and I hoped you like it just as much as I do.


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