Burning with effeminate fire

Watching Lykke Li‘s “Get Some“, I had the distinct feeling that she’s really trying to address some major issues with that video. She’s wearing chunky metal underwear, she’s doing black magic, she’s scribbling the word “sex” on a piece of paper like a Jack Nicholson going kuku, the video’s showered with whatever’s the opposite of a phallic symbol et cetera, et cetera. Once upon a time, Lykke Li was a sweet, sweet lady but now, she’s sexually ambitious, sexually ambiguous and just becoming a really mad and crazy sexual being who’ll make Michael Cera wet his generally genophobic pants.

Oh right! She’s celebrating the joys of being a woman and championing female empowerment!

Well, if you believe in that kind of stuff.

Sure, the women is a powerful creature capable of many things, especially if you totally didn’t see it coming. But I generally don’t believe in all that female empowerment stuff for a couple of reasons, mainly because I think most of it is overdone, and I don’t need reassurance on something which I know for a fact is true. This is why I prefer her second single “I Follow Rivers”.

I Follow Rivers

It’s an exasperating confession of a woman whose one sided desire for a man occupies and controls her like a survival instinct. At the end where she is stripped bare, she exposes some of the most stunning aspects of being a woman; dependence and vulnerability.

True, a woman is a powerful creature; sure, if you blow up your boobs and shoot fire out of your p*ssy like how Lady Gaga does, people are bound at least show you a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t, but here’s what I think.

I think a woman is capable of doing anything, but she can also choose not to. That, I think, is the most empowering part of being female.

So to all us ladies out there, let us shoot fireworks out of our nether regions in our own ways. Let us be happy the way we are and let us burn brightly with effeminate fire. Batteries not included.


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