The Dog Bob

Wanted to name this post “Random Snapshots of Life” , but isn’t that so, BLEAH? I don’t know, but to me, random snapshots of life are photographs of me reading 8 days in the toilet or me trying to find the remote control of the TV, or me staring into space & scratching a hairy leg. When people post up pictures of a sumptuous dinner or a valentine’s day present, it’s hardly random, it’s deliberate. Damn you, you young preposterous charlatans out there misleading others with your silly photos on facebook, trying to portray the lifestyle you wished you had but really don’t.

No offence though, in a pretty aggressive mood lately.

Anyway, for the umpteenth time, I LOVE ME DOGGIE. He is so naturally sassy, isn’t he. And his hairstyle is so trending… awww.. descending into an endless abyss of lameness…whatever! We had such fun trying to shoot this, so even if it wasn’t done ¬†professionally, it totally made our day.

Hope me doggie stays healthy and naughty but I do prefer if he’s more vigilant about his venue choices when it comes to peeing. Urinating on someone’s pillow is NOT sassy, no matter how you see it.



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