Houston, We Have a Problem

Or otherwise, to the general public, we might be in deep trouble. This post is intended to be a PSA pretending that it’s not. And I miss Jemaine and his sexy voodoo accent.

A few days ago, I came across a Monocle article by Robert Bound. Here’s a quote which I found remarkably revelatory (also damaging) to my present pysche :

In-flight entertainment is a reliable mirror of the popular, a lesson in the dramatic formula of the blockbuster, complete with the ultimate cliche, the hollywood ending. Have this: a journey, a crisis, a test, return, redemption (redemption in the form of a wedding, please, we all want it to end in wedding). This is how we like it, how you like it, unless you’re huffily working your way through the nine hours of Krysztof Kieslowski’s Decalogue on your laptop.

I feel for the cardiac health of nations of multiplex attendees; the heartstrings of the average popcorn-chugger must have been pulled to a near fatal point of non-elasticity. The tears-on-leaving-cum-happy-ending’s racket’s taken over every movie theatre in every mall and every seat from 1A to 55G…..”

Herein lies the problem. I think I’ve watched too many Korean Dramas for my own good. It’s like if I see an elderly lady cross the road, I don’t feel obligated to help her out unless she’s in a hurry  to meet her estranged son before she goes blind. Or if I see a pregnant lady standing in the train, I’ll pretend to sleep unless somehow she’s a single mother who’ve bravely gone on her own because her other half had lost his memory and became totally misinformed about stuff. Like TOTALLY.

I hate the fact that I do not know the solution to the problem. Am thinking about shutting myself at home during the weekend and watch something totally undramatic to correct my psyche. Maybe a cricket match? Or be filing my income taxes or something…

Seriously, what’s wrong with the world today?


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