Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do or when I don’t have direct access to Wikipedia, I think about my life and the people I’ve met. I’ve come to the conclusion that people generally try to be nice when they meet you for the first time and first impressions are about as trustworthy as Sideshow Bob. The thing that is very much worth pondering about meeting new people is that, no matter how much you hit it off, no matter how great the conversation is at first, you’ll never be able to tell with certainty, how your relationship will go on from there onwards. I’ve had people whom I thought would greatly enrich my social life part their legs and piss a storm on my head.When you meet someone new, it’s risky business because you’ll never know whether he/she will turn out to be your soulmate/best friend/ best friend’s other half/the person who introduces you to MLM and hence the greatest mistake of your life/your enemy or just generally someone who’ll always stick around for the sole purpose of pissing you off.

And then I think about myself, and I think about how other people view me when they first meet me and the roles I’ve played in their lives thereafter. I think it’s about the same. I could be the friend who imparts great moisturizing tips, or the one who always pushes you to watch the worst movies. I could be a ghost, and I could also be the quiet supporter, but most of all, and I am confident of this, if push comes to shove, I could also very well be your worst nightmare.

Now how’s that for creepy. Happy Halloween.

Kill Bill characters are the nastiest, people should dress up as them more during Halloween, shouldn’t they?


3 thoughts on “Hello-ween

  1. You’re quite right. In other words, every new meeting is a gamble. The guy you meet tomorrow might be the guy who murders you five years from now (morbid, I know! but it’s true!)

    I think that’s sufficient to make people paranoid and anti-social.

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