How bad decision making saved the world

I love it when films try to fuck around with chronology, and FISH STORY, the Japanese film by director Yoshihiro Nakamura is one film that sure knows its way around fucking with chronology. It’s a story revolving around a series of mistakes and bad taste that would eventually save the world. The pretty thing about this film is how the narrative swims around aimlessly in carefully orchestrated chaos at first until chronology finally takes the bait and is served in its proper order in the end. The ending is truly a feast for the viewer, absolutely adorable and brimming with charm and inane Japanese silliness, this is definitely one of the better, if not the most enjoyable movie I’ve caught in the Japanese Film Festival yet.

Also enjoying the comparison analysis between Fish Story and 20th Century Boys over here, when the author weighs the merits of a films which attempts a faithful adaptation to a film who doesn’t take itself and its source material that seriously:

The filmmakers of 20th Century Boys are like the little Dutch boy hoping to plug the cracks with their finger, while the filmmakers of Fish Story celebrate the cracks knowing that that is how the light gets in.


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