If you came seeking quiet

At Department of Eagles, Daniel Rossen continues to do what Grizzly Bear does best, making hauntingly beautiful music. The other thing about Department of Eagles (archive 2003-2006) is that despite being a major labour of love 4 years in the making, it leaves behind nothing but a beautiful impression, like a painting washed away by the rain.

Department of Eagles (archive 2003-2006) is a collection of studio sessions recorded by the band during the years 2003 to 2006. It’s an album of songs that didn’t quite make the cut for the band’s debut album, In Ear Park. Although honestly not as polished as their debut, if you’re a Grizzly Bear fan, it should still be able to do the trick.

The music here is quiet, graceful yet omnipresent, producing spine-chilling echoes that travels to the deepest recesses of the brain and stays, like a ghost that haunts an empty hallway.

In Murakami’s novel, Half Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, there is a segment where the protagonist travels along a waterfall where the roar of the river is dimmed down to a mere trickle. Although the sounds were peaceful, the image before their eyes was the waterfall splashing violently with incredible drama. This is the same feeling I get from listening to the Department of Eagles, that there is a great deal of emotions lurking behind all that quiet and calm, and that despite the slow but measured pacing, what we’re hearing is just a reverberation of music from a distant fantasy, a thriving symphony of wonder from a parallel universe.

Department of Eagles has a website!

While We’re Young


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