And these were my favourites too!

Music photography of late is pretty much limited to MGMT and MGMT only, which is why I found Noa Emberson’s Visual Mixtape series a rather cool and different take on the subject. It’s a collection of nature photography derived from the “reaching for imperfection” album done by the same guy, packaged into a poster set that chronicles his taste in music. Isn’t it refreshing to have the mountains and the skies represent music as compared to a bunch of hipsters with their undercuts, staring blankly back at you, smoking, doing drugs, or pretending like they’ve just been smoking or doing drugs or just plain mimicking Kristen Stewart in general?  I don’t really believe in drama through decadence anymore, nor do I think it is still relevant.

And so I proudly declare, the hills are indeed alive with the sound of music.

Noa Emberson (aka joy stain)’s works on


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