Living in Singapore

I’m proud of being a Singaporean. I find us a rather unique bunch; as citizens of this nation, we do the Kallang Wave, we worship processed foods , we get very creative with our language and we will not hesitate to give our foreign friends ridiculous nicknames.

Yup, sounds like we’re somewhat of an “acquired taste” for people living outside of Singapore.

Thanks to the internet, I not only live in Singapore, I also live vicariously through others in Singapore. I was rather surprised to find out a few years ago, that there exists an group of underrated indie bloggers other than Xiaxue. These are a bunch of people whose ideologies I can align with, and whose frustrations and quest for beauty are something that I can identify with as well. They are a bunch of youthful and intelligent individuals leading double lives; offline, they are practical, hard working, non political adults who are obsessed about finding solutions to things. Online, they are non-political, free spirited romantics, dreamers , dancers in the wind.

So here we go, some of my regular reads, people who made me enjoy living in Singapore even more.

Greenlaundry: Madly in love with her pictures and lifestyle filled with friends, boyfriends, beer, early mornings and great food.

wakingupto: most times, I leave my mouth open after reading the posts. the writing is just astonishingly good, and so is the music they write about.

Wallflower – Someone who reads good and writes good.

Dottie: This is someone who leads a double life within her second life. Online, she’s the fashionista with those amazing bangs at fashionation as well the discerning philosopher with those amazing bangs at her own blog, storyofadot.

Dandyandycandy: I have read all her posts. She has only posted 4 entries. This is someone who knows how to write a good mystery by not writing it.

Yup, sometimes living vicariously in Singapore beats the crap out of actually living in Singapore.

I do not own any rights to any of the images posted, all images property of their respective blog owners.


4 thoughts on “Living in Singapore

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  2. Hello Leleohead,
    I am a Singaporean living abroad and I still try to live vicariously in Singapore via blogs written by Singaporeans. Now I have yours (a joy to read!) to add to my growing list.

    It’s really not too bad a place, our little island. I find myself missing a lot of the things that I used to find boring and sterile – how all our trains and buses always run on time being one of those things.

    And the government that people seem to whinge a lot about…A true Western democracy is no fun – not when four years is not enough for one party to fulfil their election promises, if/before they get booted out. With the constant one-party rule in Singapore, at least you get consistency. And a train line that now reaches almost every corner of the island.

    Anyway, just saying that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Don’t believe the hype. xx

    PS. You got Belle & Sebastian on their current tour and we didn’t this time! See, living in Singapore has its perks.

    • Yup, i guess its a luxury to be able to not be politically conscious. Anyway, you’re in Australia right? glad you liked reading my site,and your site is weally beautiful & cute !

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