Never again will passive aggressiveness be so gorgeously cool

As you might agree, passive aggressiveness is a much sought after personality trait. Well, only if you are a cretin with twisted knickers, that is.

Tokyo Jihen has a new album called Sports, and like the bag that matches the shoe,  the atmosphere of the album is fired up by an amazing & vigorous competitive spirit.

Fair comes across as one of the more sophisticated tracks, and though it is not immediately apparent, it is one of the more deadly concoctions of the album.

The bass sounds expensive, the drums are a complicated algorithm built by wit, the keyboards are raining diamonds on you and of course Shiina Ringo’s vocals are as raw and luxurious as fine sushi. And oh, I think I’ve just received a bribe to mention the guitars.

Everything about the track sounds laid-back and classy, but when you break it into parts, that’s when you notice that the song is dripping blood at the sides. Competition that you are not aware of is the deadliest form of competition; it is not governed by any rules or common sense, and it is ultimately the thing that’ll slit your throat if you don’t pay enough attention.

But at least you’ll get a kick knowing that in the midst of all that slick, acid jazz, the guys are really just pinching each other’s balls. And you know what’s the lesson to be learnt? Being fair is really just about kicking someone in the arse without them even realizing it.

Welcome to the jungle.


My full review of Sports at Knox Road


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