10 Conclusions I have drawn after hearing MGMT’s Congratulations

1) There is more to MGMT than the fame and the girly chest baring

2) The album is pure psychedelica, with weird trippy stuff bleeding into folk rock like a magnificent tie dyed pattern. It’s a kaleidoscopic mirage of multi-coloured souls and free, dangling limbs.

3) Works like a recurring dream. Makes more sense after each listen.

4) My favourite is “Song for Dan Treacy” which starts out like a decent Libertines sing-a-long then suddenly spirals out of control to become the second most perfect soundtrack to the 70’s Japanese horror film, Hausu. (the perfect soundtrack being the original one scored by Micky Yoshino & Asei Kobayashi)

5) Speaking of which, there’s definitely a house of horror quality to the entire album; it’s a little surreal with a hint of satire and completely hell bent on trapping the listener inside the fellows’ freaky little post-fame psyches. In other words, it makes you a little tingly after listening.

6) I like it better than Oracular Spectacular. Hell, I even like it more than She & Him, The Morning Benders or even Goldfrapp’s current releases.

7) Like the video for Flash Delirium, Congratulations is turning out to be quite a fun filled adventure.

8 ) They must have seen it coming. If no one else would clap for their new musical endeavors, they’ll do so themselves. Congratulations! From MGMT to MGMT.

9) The problem with reviewing a band with a hugely successful album just prior to their existing one: There comes a point where it is inevitable that judgement be passed onto them (in terms of evolution).

So does Congratulations make MGMT more human or more ape?  I’ll say both.

Kinda like a highly evolved human dressed up as and behaving like a monkey.

10) To sum it all up, MGMT may sometimes suck, but they’re never boring.

Listen to the entire album here.


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