Will you read my site more if i offered free mp3s?

The following “favourites of 2009” list is so horribly outdated (it even has a song from 2008,….), its kinda like that terrorist scarf /Anya Hindmarch bag/H1N1 thing that everyone was very into a long time ago. So to make it more modern, I’ve decided to word this post differently; instead of writing about the stuff I loved about the songs I loved in 2009, I’ve decided to write about the stuff I hated about the songs I loved in 2009.

Hope you get my drift, and if you don’t, fret not,  I have finally decided to post some mp3s on my blog (apologies as i am not able to post everything on the list), so its really a win-win situation here! Catch 88! (If Catch 22 means a lose-lose situation, then surely a win-win situation can only be Catch 88? or if you’re in the US or other countries, Catch 77!)

And you want to know what else is unique about this list? ANIMAL COLLECTIVE IS NOT ON IT. Bet you’ll have a hard time finding a “best of” list without them.

Things I hated about my 20 favourite songs of 2009

20. Whitest Boy Alive – Intentions

Because somehow I found the rest of the album very much a nuisance, and I liked Kings of Convenience more anyway. (click on the image for the song)

19. The Antlers – Bear

Because the story and the concept of the album is fabricated, and I felt bad for wishing it was real. (click on the image for the song)

X. Rachael Yamagata – Horizon (edit : i later found out that this was a track from 2008, but I’m not taking it down because i do like it so very much)

Because there is a stupid “Parental advisory EXPLICIT CONTENT” label on the cover of the album. Also it was used to great dramatic effect in that show where that girl with the  hot legs who used to lived in California moved to New York to do pretty much nothing but strut around the meat packing district. (Listen on youtube)

18&17. Miike Snow – Cult Logic/Song for no one

Because people won’t stop comparing Song for No One with Young Folks. Because I once commented that these guys were ugly and a friend retorted that I was in no position to make such a comment. fuck him for discriminating ugly people. (listen on youtube)

16. Camera Obscura – Honey in the Sun

Because it made me feel fuzzy around someone else when it was obviously not meant to be. (Listen on youtube)

15. Girls – Lust for Life

The first 2 lines of the lyrics should have sounded like this, ” I wished I had a boyfriend. I wished I had more money in my pants.” That’s the only way I intend to sing it anyway. (click on the above picture for the song)

14. Florence and the Machine – Drumming Song

Because Florence is obviously aping Lady Gaga in the video. (overkill!) And because me and a friend wanted to add this song to our set list, but we’re an acoustic band. Damn!

13. Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour

For obvious reasons, see here.

12. God Help the Girl – Funny Little Frog

Because I wished God would help me more instead. (click on the image for the song)

11. St Vincent – Laughing with a Mouth of Blood

Because the video is completely humourless. And because I am jealous of her.

10. The Dodos – The Strums

Because i sometimes wished that these guys would wear better clothes or have at least a little bit of gel in their hair. And because their album was leaked and everyone gave them bad reviews even BEFORE the album was officially released. (click on the image for the song)

9. The xx – Crystallised

Because Tim Gunn wouldn’t approve of their strictly all black wardrobe.

8. Memory Tapes – ?

Because i had such a hard time choosing the one/two song i decided to give up. (click on the image to download Bicycle)

7&6. Dirty Projectors – Two Doves/Stillness is the Move

Because someone had the guts to post the following comment on youtube : “I need to meet someone with Eagle hair.”. So do I.

5&4. Grizzly Bear – Service Bell (with Feist) and Dory

Because I would be a little freaked out if I were to listen to these 2 songs at night. (click on the above picture to download dory)

3. Phoenix – Lasso

Because Wolfgang Amadeus is so great, people would automatically think I’m a douche if i say anything bad about them. It’s like trying to criticize Obama in 2008.

2. Mew – Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy

“Leave me in the ditch when they kick me, severe my limbs and deceive me..SOMETIMES LIFE ISN’T EASY” Because in many ways, this could be Darth Vader’s song. But it really isn’t. (doesn’t Jonas Bjerre look like that actor who played Luke?) (click on the image for the song)

1. Bat for Lashes – Pearl’s Dream

Because why the heck is there a wolf in the video? I am totally against random animals in music videos. Put yourselves in their shoes please, don’t you realize that it might be awkward for them too? (click on the image above to download)

(Disclaimer: If you are the owner of any of the music on this post and wish for your mp3 to be taken down, drop me a comment and I’ll immediately do so. Otherwise, all mp3s made available on this page will be automatically taken down in 7 days time)


2 thoughts on “Will you read my site more if i offered free mp3s?

  1. Genius favorites angle. My hands down, all-time, most fave track of 2009: Cult Logic. I overplayed the hell out of Miike Snow in 2009 for sure, not so much for the whole of the record than for a) (again) Cult Logic and b) the extraordinary similarity of the San Soleil vocals to those on any number of (don’t laugh) Erasure’s ballads. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve listened to Erasure as much as I did in 2009 since 1988-89, and even back then it had a pretty weak standing in Abbytown. I mean, Erasure??!

  2. It wasn’t obvious to me, but now that you’ve pointed it out, it really does sound like erasure!

    Didn’t really listened to them back then. was more preoccupied with Rick Astley and Wet,wet,wet. Maybe I could have been a fan.

    oh yeah if you’re trying to remember who Wet,wet,wet is, word of advice. Don’t.

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