Brave New World

Sadly, I’m not all too familiar with the music of These New Puritans, so this may get a little tricky. In their new album, Hidden, the 4 teenagers (George and Jack Barnett, Thomas Hein and Sophie Leigh Johnson) are not out to impress or charm but to possibly scare the batshit out of you. There are tons of hard pounding and monotonous chanting, which is not to say that this is some zonked out gregorian monk shit. They have invented a very dark and grim world for themselves with their little emo hearts, but that doesn’t mean that this is some suicide metal blood letting shit either. Their music is not romantic at all, and rather abusive for my taste, but still, you get the point, this album doesn’t shit with you and its probably just one step too close to being brilliant for my own comfort.

Hidden is a juggernaut, it’s very athletic and unbelievably brawny. The thing that strikes you the most is the hard hitting percussion (sword sharpening included). Feelings of fashionable hatred and psychosis ricochet off the tightly wound drums in unbelievably indulgent amounts. The percussionist is no wishy washy guy, he’s punching and crashing around with such brute strength in “We Want War“,  it’s as though he’s a fiery deity wanting to teach us some lesson. (a deity decked out in some fierce Fred Perry threads i must say.)

At the same time, its a very ritualistic experience. like when the children choir comes out in the chorus of “This is Attack Music“, or when the glockenspiels broke free in the operatic closing track “5“. It helps as well that the frontman sings with a slightly childish petulance as well, giving the impression that a tiny gleam of hope is leaking through the terribly weathered drum skin. As quoted by the band themselves, ” ..immaturity is the most important thing in music”. There is the feeling of naive children clashing bravely against the real world, and the experience is rather purifying for the listener.

What can i say, I’m impressed, but not that it matters. These New Puritans doesn’t care much about being labeled as “pretentious” or “emo” or “the band that’s gonna define the music of the new decade”. These children do not need us to hold their hands. They’re fighting on their own, and they’re doing just fine.

These New Puritans on Myspace.


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