Do you recognize this face?

Its that pained expression where he unknots those tense eyebrows, the eyes go wild and he looks away for a moment, which totally screams “he gonna cry, he’s gonna lose it, he’s probably on the verge of dialing a hotline of some (self help) sort! and he’s most actually gonna FUCKING DO IT!”. No he’s not, if you’ve watched as many Lost episodes as i have, you’ll know that everything just goes back to normal a few seconds later. Some (though not many would care enough about such things, naturally) would say its a poignant gesture; he’s just trying to  maintain his composure after sudden rush of “overwhelming” emotion.

I think it just shows that somewhere behind that manly facade is a baby. A time traveling, CPR performing, nuclear bomb initiating, great speech giving baby. Yeah, i DO NOT LOVE THAT FACE.

On the other hand, I’m glad there’s Sawyer, who, by the way, really lets the dogs out if need be. Damn, i love your character more than anything right now.


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