Take it slow

When i think about how fast paced my life is, the thought doesn’t make me happy. Many people would associate efficiency with progress; i see it as a short term measure that ultimately leads to long term degradation. For example, there was a recent period in my life, when i hopped from one cab to another, i was either at one place or the next, my destinations materializing even before my body gets used to the shift in environment, my life a flurry of different air freshener fumes and my wallet sizzling from the stress. Logically, i was supposed to be able to rest a bit more between errands, but instead i often felt dislocated and stressed about making use of the time freed from travelling. Needless to say, it was a dizzy existence. Since then, I’ve pushed myself to take public transportation more often, and it has somehow done wonders for my mental state of being. So now, i will not, and i beg you not to as well, make jokes about (bands who write music about) public transportation, because it is probably the next best thing after prozac.


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