The dude’s guide to hunting and fishing

Spoon does  music that is  unmistakably made for straight laced dudes, dudes who are probably too shy to declare their wild love for lady lumps and prefer to keep their tastes cool but understated. Transference is not a chick album, show it to any girl and it might put her to sleep. But it is kinda like a Bridget Jones Diary written by 4 guys for all the other guys out there.

 The beats are uncomplicated and crisp, the guitars droning, the melodies repetitive and the vocals are at most dull and monotonous. Yet,  it’s probably about a million and one  boy-girl, man-woman, man-women (not so much of the mano-a-mano) relationships from a guy’s perspective,  a ton of ballads where soaring strings and glockenspiel crescendoes are replaced by slow, almost undetectable build ups of thinly veiled layer upon layer of apathetic instrumentation. Out Go the Lights is probably one of the rare exceptions that gets under your skin and your bloodstream immediately, but great examples of the typical Spoon drone are at 2:19 of I saw the Light, the “close to being stunning” Nobody Gets Me But You and The Mystery Zone. You’ll find it hard to grasp any differences between one bar and the next, but there’s always something new and once you get familiar with the additions however, the different layers gets mixed up in sly permutations. The melodies are simple enough, but the feeling you get is a complex one, something that is unfathomable and almost insufferable.

The message is harsh but perhaps true. If you think the guys have it easier, then you probably just don’t know.

Visit Spoon here


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