If you can only move for 3 minutes


I suggest you get your hands on Tokyo Jihen’s latest single “Noudouteki Sanpunkan” (losely translated as “you can only move for 3 minutes” ) , transfer it into your IPOD, and hit replay for eternality. The new song is so good that its almost paralysing, like dark chocolate, the really shiok kind. After listening to it, I don’t want to do anything else other then to keep listening to it again and again and again….

The bassline is perfect, like a good pair of black stockings that is so effortlessly sexy while the guitars are twisting and sliding along electronic circuits of cosmic cool. Also, did I mention that i’ve developed a crippling crush on the keyboard player and his impeccable jodhpur pants? Let me tell you, most of the time its about the music, but sometimes, its also about the pants. And this has both.

The new album is coming out in March 2010, and while I am completely lovin’ the new single, for the band that names their albums based on genres of TV programming (their first album was Kyoiku (Education), followed by ADARUTO (Adult) and Goraku (Variety)), I’m guessing based on the dancing in the video that the next album is going to be named Horror. Or Humour. Could go either way, but one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be irresistible.

As the promotional pictures would say, this is only a warm up compared to the real deal. I can hardly wait.




One thought on “If you can only move for 3 minutes

  1. = 0 )

    I LOVE that you love Tokyo Jihen! My copy of Noudouteki Sanpunkan just arrived! I love love love both songs and am literally counting the days until the full album is released! Thank God for CD Japan!

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