perilous fumes of melancholy

The XX consists of 4  twenty-somethings from London and they’ve cooked up a critically acclaimed self titled debut by adding as much doom and gloom to cast a shadow on their glorious youth.

The album begins bright, like in VCR, but in a very swift turn of events, the lights are dimmed and a veil descends, until you are left with nothing but you, the music and dark thoughts. 

Crystallized, the standout track of the album, is a parred down anecdote of trembling young hearts, while Basic Space kicks in with a surprisingly levitating R & B groove. But before you are mistakened, this is not the typical teenage suicidal fanfare. You’ll be adequately seduced by the thick, sombre basslines and choked by an effervescent haze of love, loss, sex and confusion.

This, is also a really short review, because I’m already drifting in and out of conciousness. Got to go to bed. Here’s me signing off with the final song of the night and leaving you alone with your melancholic inclinations.


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