Man, I feel like chain-smoking too.

I’m very tempted to write a one word review for this album, but because the music itself is not that bad,  I’ll attempt to elaborate my lack of feelings for the New Moon soundtrack.

Unlike most albums, this one comes with an expiry date, by which I mean you should wire it with C-4 explosives to prevent yourself from even getting close to the thing from 20th November onwards. I’ll be explaining about why you absolutely need to do that later on.

The album is a piece of work, which is a given when you’ve got indie giants like Thom Yorke, Death Cab for a Cutie, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, Lykke Li and St Vincent at the helm, but a grossly overrated one at that.  Thom Yorke’s “Hearing Damage” lends a good pulse to the album and starts it off like a rush of blood to the head. But the real shiner is Seawolf’s The Violet Hour, a swift bass driven melody that lets loose fumes of woozy young love.

Which I guess, is the part of the movie where Edward Cullen’s hairless chest starts to glitter.

That is why if you find that you like the album, be warned that things would turn sour once the movie hits the big screens on the 20th of November. The reason it is called a soundtrack is plainly because they would be using the music for scenes in the movie. Perhaps Bella would be seeking comfort in Jacobs abdominal muscles while Lykke Li muses about possibilities. Perhaps Edward Cullen would be grooming his manly eyebrows to the tune of  Grizzly Bear’s slow life.

Its going to be heartbreaking, and you best prepare yourself for it.

Now where’s my liquor?


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