Lifted! Harmless Bananas?

Fear And Loathing In The Kopitiam

Most of the time, when I am surfing the web, I try to look for themed blogs, blogs with a point of view on a certain fragment of culture, be it music, art, fashion etc. I hardly ever read diary-styled blogs, which I always regard as a little bit too indulgent for my liking.

However, I’m glad to discover a recent breed of online diary writers emerging on the blogosphere, people who write in a matter of fact, but very appealing manner. People who are well read and have a very clear point of view not on some intangible aspect of culture but their own lifes. I find them very inspiring, and I gain a little more perspective on my own conditions of living vicariously through their easy understandings of themselves and the people around them.

Like Brian here. Just a wonderful example of damn good writing in Singapore.



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