A Melancholic Mystery.

A few years ago, before I stubbled upon Grizzly Bear, the idea that I would get goosebumps while listening to an indie track was pretty foreign. Indie bands then were either weird like the Flaming Lips, snappy like the Strokes or just generally nice like the Kings of Convenience, all with very little to empathise with.

Then came “Soluble in Air” by Mystery Jets;  the vocals  heavy with dread and desperation while the keyboards tread on a tiny string of faith. It brought out conflict and made me think about the difference between what made me happy and what kept me alive and the fine line that seperates an opportunity from a mystery. It felt very much like youth lost and discovered behind a dusty curtain. It was the track that conquered me and most of all, I have decided that it shall be the requiem to my doomed youth.

Well maybe not, but I’m rather wowed by the idea of doing so.


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