I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want


This picture does not relate to the post in any way.

I’ve been thinking about the things I really want to do, perhaps in an excessive and intense way like Paula Abdul would. Here’s a compact list :

1) Buy a trumpet and then pay for lessons to learn how to play it.

2) Book a course for guitar strumming and form a “flight of the conchords” cover band who occasionally plays Grizzly Bear.

3) Renovate my room so that it no longer resembles a catacomb/ King Solomon’s mine/ Temple of Doom/Room of requirement when what you require is a ghastly shock.

4) Buy a SLR camera and start a website called “the flop hunter”, exclusively featuring street style photos of people who do not cuff their jeans

5) Do something about my “appearance”

And I realize everything leads to the same outcome. Maybe I always had an innate desire to give my money to other people. Maybe I was meant to be that rare, great philanderer who only comes about once in a few hundred years.

 So what should I really do? And who is interested to join my cover band? Seriously.


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