Merde!! It’s THAT good.

Because I don’t know how to say “fuckin’ awesome” in Danish and I only know how to say shit in French.

In a previous post, I’ve mentioned that Mew’s been in a musical metamorphosis of sorts, and after taking a first listen to their new album, No More Stories.., here’s me laying it out for you.

It’s no groundbreaking observation when I tell you that Mew had always found inspiration in fairy tales, from the Jungle Bookish  Zookeeper’s Boy to the damsels in distress in Louise,Louisa. They were the progressive rock band that was always striving for the next great Disney escapade with no happy ending in sight. Their previous album, and the Glass Handed Kites was a concoction of breathtaking artistic ambition but then again, they never really received any decent recognition for that. The weirdness was delightful but alienating, and the frontman was too shy and not sleeping with enough famous people.

The first few parts of No More Stories… feel like they’re gonna spiral down the winding path of  ethereal escapism again, but when i first heardBeach, I had a feeling that maybe I finally get their music, just like how John Mayer’s suddenly getting all the hot chicks.

It becomes even better after that. There are a few charming surprises in tracks like Hawaii, where the band suddenly gets all tropical and “Hacuna Mattata” on us. And then we hit jackpot when we get to the surging chorus of waltzing Marias in Vaccine, where you will understand how this is some really great stuff. Not the stuff of legend, but stuff you will be listening to for a long, long time. The childish overtures of the enigmatic Sometimes life isn’t easy just completely seals the deal.

No More Stories an album with its own pulse, drawing you in with its captivating vitality. It’s a far more balanced and grounded effort, more accessible, but no less imaginative. Each song is a schezophrenic confection that is so afraid of falling into any specific genre it has to doll itself up in a mighty chaos of every distortion, signature or instrumentation available. But of course each layer has been carefully picked and pieced together with admirable Scandinavian taste. The lyrics still sucks, though one wonders if it’s all some anagram for a Danish Illiad of sorts.  

The new album heralds the return of a long lost imagination that deserves its glory from a generation of music listeners jaded by their punk and their disco. Like all fairy tales, this  one is approaching its happy ending, because with No More Stories.., Mew is demanding no less than a standing ovation from you.

No more stories… would be out in stores sometime in late August or September, so in the meantime, help yourself to the newest video from the album:


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