Jenny Lewis, I don’t love you no more

The New York Times recently celebrated a decade of Coachella with a photoshoot of the hottest rock stars doing some high fashion frolicking in the LA desert. It is rolls and rolls of film soaked in rock star opulence and longing glances begging for our appreciation and worship. Whilst the actual photospread is named “Rock Candy” and can be viewed in its entirety here, based on the cover photo, I’ll like to call it “Everybody lusts after Brandon Flowers“.

Brandon Flowers, Jenny Lewis and Conor Obersteverybody

Late of the Pier: Yeah you Jen Lewis, will you just leave him alone with his chicken feathers or do I have to physically make you?!everybody 3


The Killseverybody 7
Friendly Fires: Just wondering why everyone’s caught up in the juvenile business of lusting after Brandon Flowers when they have us. We’re friendly and we speak with an accent!everybody 6
That guy from the Cure: Dear Brandon, I’m guessing this can only be bad news for you.
everybody 4


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