Next Stop Hollywood

A few months ago, the House Elf came to me and said he felt that he was being followed. I told him it was probably nothing. If he was really worried, he should go see a shrink because everyone else does it, or if he was really REALLY worried, he should go down and burn some Kim Zhua at the void deck.

In the end, none of us did anything. I found mysef caught up in an almost life-ending vacation in Batam while he had a high time finding  new butts to sniff and more cockcroaches to dismember.

A week ago, this commercial came up on youtube.

Now he is blaming me for not taking his complaints seriously and embarking on a roaring rampage of urination in my bedroom. How? Anyone here specializes in canine image copyright infringement?

Ssaw, the melody I dedicate to my beloved boy boy. Because like the song, the smell of his peewee makes me high.

P.S. We’re making him do vocal training now, because he wants to be the next Susan Boyle. Doesn’t everyone?


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