Know your history onion.

The Most Serene Republic

Were you the kid who was hopelessly obsessed with your history texts and look forward to every lesson just so you could find out more about the “political bromance between Stalin and Lenin”, Hitler and his “people killing project” and how the United States is just a phenomenal douchebag. Well I was.

I don’t really understand why there are some who absolutely abhore the subject. It is fundamentally just a lesson in story telling. The lecterer tells you a story about Mussolini, and you tell it back to him in the exam. Simple and fantastic as that.

Well, to be honest, people in the really old days were  a lot more interesting than us. They may not dress well, practice good hygiene and have alot more children than we do, but they do things with a lot more conviction and that makes them legends in their own right.  For example, they don’t take toilet breaks in the middle of writing a blog post, no, they don’t even waste their time blogging. They either go out to the fields to grow veggies for their family, mine gold, or they are sailing new seas and conquering new territories. We, on the other hand, are too busy twittering about eating broccoli, a new bottle of hair gel or the latest model of I-phone to care.

But the down side to history-lovin’  is, unless you aspire to be a teacher, or the first ever Singaporean president of the United States, there’s really not much use for it in real life. You can’t buy yourself a new Xbox (although you might become a Wikipedia superstar) just because you know Gorbachev’s middle name (it’s Sergeyvik).

 Well, I find the answer to this most insoluble pancake of a conundrum in The Most Serene Republic.

The Most Serene Republic is the sobriquet of formerly independent Venice under the rule of the Doges, which was regarded as the “Most Serene Republic of Venice”.

There you go, you make reference to obscure historical events and phrases in your music, or even your band name, and you become unbearably cool for it.

In short, and to sidetrack from the general topic at hand for a while, The Most Serene Republic is a 7 piece band based in Canada that sounds exactly like a younger, hipper version of  Broken Social Scene. This means they are a bunch of cool kids who are not quite ripe muscially, joining forces so they can have brillantly successful solo careers after that. Their music is perfect for a laid back sunday; it feels like either a warm handshake, or being wrapped snuggly in quilted patchwork of quirky trombones, pianos, guitars, vibraphones and banjos on a rainy night.

Ok, back to the topic at hand, so now you realize there is one cool thing you could do with  your history knowledge databank.  I’ve came up with a list of other possible band names that could be derived from the archives of the olden times:

Good Names:
1) Ping Pong Diplomacy
2) The Bolsheviks (sounds vintage)
3) Black Hawk
4) Watergate
5) The Speakeasy
6) The Great Depression

Bad Names:
1) The holocaust (not funny, yet. ok, not funny ever)
2) Adolf Hitler/The Pure Aryan Nazi (kinda funny, but no one would buy your music)
3) Charlie Chaplin (because he looks like Hitler without the hat)
4) The Anglo-Dutch Treaty (because it is kind of lame)
5) Major General William Farquhar (for obvious reasons)
6) Franz Ferdinand (because it has been taken)
7) The Ku Klux Klan (unless you are a racist, and a dipshit for that matter).

So here, you go, a valuable lesson learnt. Meanwhile, here is my favourite Most Serene Republic Track for your pleasure:

Vessels of a Donor Look (from their new album “And the ever expanding universe” out on July 14th.)

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