Side Project: Effeminate Fires On!!

untitledIts a celebration of being gay and the fondness for all things related to frills, pink things, sweet lipped excuses and the ability to laugh at the stupid. This is a by-product of a couple of people who were blessed with an infinite learning capacity for useless talents. It’ll also serve as a platform for trashing anything and anyone we have chickenchops with (not beef, because some of us are actually buddhists). AND, there will also be nudity, in gratituous proportions…..

n709499012_349762_6469_' Hello, LADIES...'

 in the form of a gay dog…..

There are still 2-35-35-35 hours worth of planning involved provided we dont watch any TV for the next couple of months, but we promise there would be feminism so fiery it’ll burn like bad STD.

We also take back that promise though.

Watch this space.

Effeminate fire cover art by dandyandycandy.


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